Saturday, August 15, 2009

more my style..

Welcome to my new blog! Since I have been apart of the blogging world(not very long), I have been really unhappy with my blog(well my old blog). I feel like blogging tells a lot about a person-their style, creativity, personality, etc. Well, my old blog didn't tell anything about me-I simply was using a pre-made template that I wasn't happy with. My friend Carissa inspired me to venture out, learn a little, and create a blog that tells you a little more about me and my photography. Since our conversation last night about this, I haven't been able to stop working on my new blog-So here we go! Hope you enjoy it....

Oh yea-Thanks Carissa:)

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carissa said...

oh my!!! she's a beauty (you and the new blog)!!!!!!! i love your signature and your post title and date. i need to work on my post titles. love, love, love it!!!!! cheers to shabbyblogs!

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